Minimalist Hygge Bathroom Organizer

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This bathroom organizer is sleek, clean, and minimalist. This organizational tool helps to organize 4 different things, hiding them behind a minimalist aesthetic that looks natural and clean on your bathroom counter.

This Nordic style holder can contain toothpicks, ear cleaners, cotton swabs, and other small, long objects. Made from thick plastic, this container is sturdy so it’s safe to keep around your children, too!

It is unhygienic to leave tools like ear cleaners exposed to bathroom air. Every time you flush, particles of feces fly through the air and land on anything that is exposed to it.

For this reason, we recommend using organizational tools like this sleek and stylish container. It is both beautiful and functional, serving to keep your home uncluttered while also keeping tools that you use in your mouth and ears safe from bacterial exposure.

To clean this container, simply wash it with mild soap and water. To disinfect, a bleach spray is appropriate for disinfecting things that stay in the bathroom.

If you use this container outside of the bathroom, like in your bedroom, then you can use milder disinfecting solutions like vinegar to clean this container. Remember to never mix bleach and vinegar, as the mixture is a deadly poison!

What else can you put into this lovely toothpick box?

  • Makeup applicators
  • Bobby pins
  • Sewing supplies
  • Hair ties
  • Small crafting supplies

Look around your home! Anything tiny and in need of organization can go into this beautiful box, hiding away the clutter so that your home never looks messy. With this minimalist bathroom organizer, you can focus less on decluttering and more on creating a hygge space for everyone to relax.

Size: 6 x 6 x


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